Agreement For Providing Training Services

13.2. Independent contractors. SDL`s relationship with the client is that of an independent contractor and is not considered to be the form of a partnership or joint venture or a working agreement between the client (or his apprentices) and SDL (or his staff/contractor/agent). Neither party has the authority to engage the other parties without the other party`s prior written consent or to assume obligations. 9.4. SDL is only responsible for the provision of training and does not justify the success or outcome of the training. SDL is not responsible for the incompatibility of training services and the means of provision with the software or computer configuration of the client. one. participates in each training course according to the schedule set and follows the training courses listed in the order form in accordance with the training given by SDL; 1.1. These terms and conditions apply to training services ordered by the customer via a purchase order. 9.3.

Training services, training and associated responses are not designed as a definitive or complete legal statement on a particular subject and do not constitute legal advice in a particular situation. 2. Use of materials. As part of the training courses, Takari can allow the client to access the current version of Takari`s training material („training materials“). Subject to the terms of this agreement, Takari grants the client a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub-conceded licence so that a copy of this training material per paid training participant is used only for internal training purposes. A training participant cannot pass on training materials to others. The client cannot: (a) copy the training material or part of it; (b) to share, distribute, lease, sub-license or transfer copies of training materials or their parts with or to third parties, or to authorize third parties to use training materials; (c) modify, decompile, decompil or redeploy any takeaway code provided with training materials; or (d) use training materials to develop services or products for sale or to include components of training equipment in a product similar to a product. Training materials may contain or provide software components that are subject to open source software conditions.

For open source software, the terms of the corresponding open source software license apply instead of the license and restrictions of this section 2. 6.2.