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Mobility is part of previous inter-institutional agreements between sending and receiving agencies, both of which must hold the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (if they are located in a country in the programme). Italy: University degli studi di Milano, Milan – 5 places [No places in academic year 2020/2021] Portugal: Universidade de Coimbra – 3 places [No seats for recruitment in September 2020] You can only go to a foreign university with which your home unit (institute/faculty) has a contract . Here you will find a list of universities to which you can start from different institutes/faculties. At a foreign university, you can do part of your studies in a faculty trained in the same field where you are studying or in a related field. – the assessment of the language skills in which education is taught abroad. – for PhD students: mandatory – advice from the promoter; in addition: opinions on scientific or organisational results (with the exception of the promoter) – CURRICULUM VITAE, which m.in. scientific interests, achievements (participation in scientific conferences, publications), activities in the scientific world, student autonomy, NSE, associations, non-profit, social, charitable activities (may be attached to the confirmation of this certificate). The test result has no influence on holiday admission, but some universities want to send the result. Czech Republic: J. E. Purkyné University, sté nad Labem – 4 places Note: In the recruitment process, priority is given to people from disadvantaged backgrounds (people belonging to national minorities in Poland, people with disabilities and people in financial difficulty). Universities partners of the Institute of Intercultural Studies: Coordinator: Dr El`bieta Wicek, elzbieta.wiacek@uj.edu.pl Erasmus KA107 are visited by countries outside the EU, the list of countries and universities is constantly updated in the Check tab where you can go.

Erasmus students, whether or not they receive an Erasmus grant, are exempt from paying tuition, registration, examinations and access to the host institution`s laboratory and library institutions, which can go abroad for 3 to 6 months for international relations and territorial studies (including, if applicable, an additional internship period). The same student may receive scholarships or studies abroad, up to 12 months per cycle of study. For the average, the Commission applies the following conversion factor: study trips in the second half of the academic year 2020/2021 26-30.09.2020. – Qualification and allocation of trips in the USOSweb system 1-9.10.2020 – Cancellations, trips within another unit, final approval of departures in the USOSweb system, sending a protocol to DOSZ (at least in electronic form) Online linguisticistic Support is a tool for assessing language skills and improving language skills for participants in long-term mobility in Erasmus.