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Basically, we make sure that you get the registered rental contract without problem We have a network of real estate executives who help you make a transaction without problem at the price of a small service. This service can be used by both the owners and the tenant by giving us an indication: „The constant demand of our customers and customers, homes in other cities have, to manage everything, from the visit of the house, painting, repair and maintenance to the preparation of the lease, the search for new tenants, when previous tenants evacuate and organize home visits for potential tenants, led six months ago to the introduction of this rent guarantee service, said Amit Agarwal, co-founder and CEO. Nobroker provides you with a one-stop shop for all paper processing and documentation related to lease registration, bank classification, police audit and business authorizations. is a free online rental platform for brokers. We help landlords and tenants connect directly via our platform with End to End Solution and without broker involvement. We do not charge for the brokerage of our tenants. RentMantra is created to bring the entire rental world online by simplifying the rental process through Innovation and Technology. As travel becomes a major constraint in these times, noBrokers has the rent guarantee service of many participants and experiences a lot of traction. „We want to manage 1 Lakh houses in the next few years,“ Agarwal said. To create your online rental agreement in 5 minutes, click here broker-free, the real estate platform has launched comprehensive property management services with rent guarantee for owners and owners of hazelnut trees who have real estate in other cities. With this service, NoBroker takes the financial risk of ensuring that landlords rent each month on time, even if the existing tenant is empty and the house is empty for a month or two before the new tenant arrives. NoBroker takes an 8 percent charge of monthly rent to provide this service to homeowners.

Look at the newest and best zero real estate brokers for rent. I realized that they are not experts and that they do not look after the customer. Discover and find the best online holiday rooms on ZERO Cost. . Anupam Dixit is product manager at NoBroker. His interests include creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Very imaginative and yet focused, an explorer of all things, creative and funny – this is how he describes himself best. NoBroker has listed 1 registered user crore and 40 lakh properties on its platform. The start-up participates in the entire user`s journey, from home search to Mover -Packer, home rental, home painting and cleaning service, legal services, etc. When the blockade was announced in March, unlike other start-ups that used pay cuts and layoffs, NoBroker decided to retain its staff and hire an additional 130 to support the growth of its existing and new revenue streams. „Today we manage 1000 houses – a mix of independent houses and apartments, in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi and NCR.

Nearly 40% of the clients who use this service are NGOs living in the United States and the Middle East, and the rest are those who have homes in other cities. What is the fees and also do the inspection of the police .